3G UPLINK Congestion

HI all.
anyone who has a solution to minimize UL power congestion in Huawei 3G?


Please check:

And let us know if it help.

3G is quite long time, but I remember for UL power utilization Huawei has 2 algorithm, we often use algorithm that using UL equivalent user number.
In case of UL power congestion, we increased parameter “UL equivalent user number” to maximum 255, then UL power congestion counter decreased.

thank you Hainm.
but increasing the UL equivalent user number will allow more user. this results to a high UL interference on the cell. so is there any other suggestion?

You can try deploying “Dynamic RoT” feature, it will help you adjust the UL load

this can help to improve access faulty problem. UL interference is another problem.
You can not maintain both congestion & interference.