3G to LTE Handover - how does eNodeB selects the desired MME?

In case of a HO from 3G to LTE, how does the eNodeB selects the desired MME? Is there a way to select the MME node? For example can the eNodeB trigger a DNS query? If so in what format?

Not have handover from 3G to 4G. If have, msc/sgsn will interact with MME then MME select enb, not enb select MME.

hi … i dont think so. Consider a UE moving from 3G to 4G, during the process the UE will send a tracking area update to eNnode, which in turn will send it to the MME … my question is how does the eNodeB selects an MME ?

This is reselection from 3G to 4G, not handover.
In TAU, UE not have last visited MME, enb randomly select any MME in the pool.

understood and thanks for your reply.
i had the impression that there is a way to extract details from tmsi/guti to forward ue to the preferred enodeb using nri/mmec etc.

also is there a better way to make a handover rather than a reselection?