3G shutdown impacts

Hi Experts.

What are the impacts on 2G & 4G KPIs in network with 3G shutdown?
Is there any model/tool than can help to simulate this before actual shutdown?

Any leads to this, please.

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Which band is being shut in 3G?

Things to check:

  • What is current load in the 3G site?
  • Which frequency is used in 3G and 4G?
    • If 3G is lower than 4G, range may be reduced.

Hi Ansari, firstly the voice will have great impact to 2G & 4G VOLTE. 2G expected to take more traffic (70-80%) so 2G TRX to be upgraded dual band if available with off loading strategy more on 1800 & then to 900 or number of totat TRX. 4G voice will have great KPI impact and expected to perform a detailed survey/optimisation for first 15 days or so and 10 days pre shutdown. Rest of them are more data (GB per site) will go up (+20-40% on user/UE peneration) and 2G blocking to be monitored.


Site HW will get reduced (for using 3G BBU if dedicated) and RNC config to be removed, Sync to be strengthened from freq sync to time sync (FDD+TDD).

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Is there any detailed MOP and check list?

Old devices will need to be replaced when 5G rolls out

5G could cause unexpected problems for devices relying on the old 3G network as service providers shut down their outdated systems.