3G Power (Pilot or Boards)

Hello my lovely Dears,

In 3G we have pilot power and board power, which scenario is the best to increase power(pilot and board, pilot only, board only). And what is the effect on “power cong”. Not forget to mention that we have board with 80 watts and 100 watts ( Huawei).

The object is to let more users access the network.

Any documents will be a great help.

Thanks for your time.

Pilot power may increase overlap in ur network which will increase bad quality due to overlap.
If you have no site near the serving site you may increase pilot power to increase coverage and remaining power will be for traffic channels, but it may imblnace ul and dl.
Best way reduce congestion increase borad power no need touch pilot power to mitigate power congestion and increase Hsdpa throughput.


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