3G Parameter Audit against baseline

Hello Good People,
Im new here and i would like how i can do parameter audit against the baseline, note that i already have the XML CM dump parsed from ENM.

Hi @peteroox.

To do any parameter audit against any baseline, first thing to do is… the Baseline!

One you have you baseline, simply “compare” it.

@CarlosFuente the baseline i have it, but how to load it in the tool and compare that’s the problem.
Im new with the tool actually this is my second day using it.

my question is, How can i load it in the tool ?

What tool are you using?

im using Boda-Lite

Boda lite can be used only to parse. Seems a new tool is coming, but not available yet.

For now, you can do what I do: manipulate all your resulted files as you wish.

For example, using VBA, Java or Python. (I use VBA / Excel / Access)