3G High PS/CS drop

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3G Huawei Related Query:
I have few cell having High PS/CS drop and their PS DCR & CS DCR High.
Kindly share any optimization to improve.
Increased CPICH it will further degraded.
Any advice?

What is the reason of drops?

For PS drops UuNoReply.

Check the TP samples.

No overshooting cell.

Looks like just bad coverage.
Is this urban area?
Some simple optimisation could be looking UE power increase parameters e.g. step size, max power (although this may cause noise).

Increased CPICH but increased drop.

CS call drop issue

Do not increase the CPICH.
RTWP checked?

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Yes RTWP normal -102.

Okay than change the rl power if tcp utilization of the these cells not high.

Current value:
RL max/min TX power 40 & -150

This MML will also help to improve RRC if CS Cssr is low.
As it is belong to radio link right?

Then already optimized mostly in networks Max/Min 0/-150

Right, both are same.

Cpich increases cell power in DL.
It doesn’t help scenarios where problem is in UL.
In fact it will make the situation worse.

Try to increase UE power step size so it can quickly reach its max power.
You already said RTWP isn’t high so noise isn’t a problem.
Also check WBTS timer for response from UE.
Try to increase it by 1 or 2 sec. That will help as well

You can also check there is no scrambling code clashes in the cluster and clean dominance from serving cells are maintained.

Hello Experts!

Any summary on what could be reason for high PS drop in 3G?

Hi I have the same problem in huawei 3G, need check parameters, this week I go to check this issue.

In review of PSCALLDROP 3G Huawei, I found the following counters:

The fail condition is Radio link Failure and these 3 causes

For huawei 3G what parameters is possible check for increase power in UE very fast?

What about propagation delay?

Any overshooting was observed?

No, this site is rural.

I believe you have problems with UL coverage for this site.

What tilt has this cell?