3G CS/PS traffic is gone (after 3G Shutdown)


Can anybody share his experience for Shutting down U900 and getting its Traffic on L700 layer

If traffic CS/PS traffic does not shift to L700 or any other LTE layers, what does it mean?

Most important thing is the cell foot print matching, if there will be any lag regarding less RRU power , different antenna design settings, and parameter settings then it will never be same.

If its remote area then scenario will be different.

You need to check the UE penetration for L700.

U900 must be catering deep indoor users.

4G capable are bound to be latched on L700 which at present do not qualify to high band LTE layers.

Yes, handset capability as well.

It’s remote yes.
Also what about L900 handsets availability / UE penetration in markets.