3G Average call setup time increase (Huawei vendor)


We are looking help from who can support and guide to investigate causing 3G Average call setup time increase in CS core (MSS level ) Huawei vender

if need check the parameters/timer which it and how in U2020

Your sharing initial steps are highly appreciated

we are looking for support and to reduce this increase

Hi, first of all check kpis from u2020 which type of call setup time had increased, you can just search in the Counter using setup time, and u will find setup time for csfb calls,from pch, Amr nb, Amr WB…this is first thing u do so to understand which call type had increased or it’s same issue for all types, Chk and let me know

3G/2G call setup time, as I initial analysis I found A correlation between increase in the number of VOLTE subscriber , which is also a gradual increase from the same time and corelating with this decrease in UMTS MO/MT Seizure traffic(Erl) .

I think due to migration activity the subscribers to VOLTE

One way to help would be to map times for a call.

This would include time it takes to page, reply to page, get bearers up and then setup call.

There are so many variables here. But if they follow e2e call setup times I’m sure it can be found what’s the bottleneck.

You need to know 1st which phase in the call setup which is causing the delay:
Paging, RRC, RAB, …etc

The problem may be in the radio side, TX or above the RAN in the Core.

Also you need to check from both parties MOC & MTC.

An E2E trace is necessary.

If the increase is general, it means there is another issue not related to Radio (TR, CN).

Ok I will chek!

Many thanks to share suggestions and I hope we can decrease it after get the causes of this increasing.