2x2 MIMO notation meaning

Hello Experts.

When we say 2x2 MIMO, is it 2Tx2R or 2Rx2T?

2T2R. 2 TX antenna at eNodeB, 2 RX antenna at UE.

This is for DL MIMO.
For UL MIMO, it can be 2 TX antenna at UE and 2 RX antenna at Node, right?

Yes, correct.

I read somewhere that MIMO notation is as RxT.
If we say simply 4x2 it means 4 Receive antenna and 2 Transmit antenna, until we specifically mention 4Tx2R.

Notation is TX first then RX.
Multi input multi output.
Here input is always transmitter while output is at receiver end.

So in case of 4x2 DL MIMO → 4 TX at eNB and 2 RX at UE?


TX and RX.