2T2R power per port

Dear Team

I have a query regarding 2T2R per port power.

In case of overall Pmax 40 W output power which of the below condition is true .

  1. 40 W each TX or
  2. 20 W each TX = 40 W .

Power calculated for any channel or signal is shared across all the physical antenna tx ports equally as per the spec.
So, i would say, it is option 2.

40W for each port but it depends on your RRU type, its working mode, pA and pB setting and bandwidth.

I think, the question was asked in Uplink perspective.
Pmax comes into picture only for UL.

Please correct me if I am wrong…

Pmax is max radiating antenna power which is static.
It will work in DL.

Hmm, fine.
May be I got it confused with p-max parameter seen in RRC OTA signalling.

Yes, option-2. 40w is 20+20, 40w in 4T4R is 10+10+10+10

Per branch power to be divided.
Also 40 w is your max radiating permissible limit by Govt.

Option 2 I think: for each port it is p/2.