2G script for baseband

Dear Experts,

I am looking for 2G script for Ericsson Baseband , I have CDD and need BSC script as well. If anyone can help me please.


Hi, @Sebastiansilver from BSC side you can use this
Create_BaseBand.txt (36.1 KB)
If you have any question feel free to contact.

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Thank you so much, I will try and then get back to you.



Is there any way where I can get one model site dump from the bsc and edit accordingly . I have access to the bsc


There is no. You can get commands file like above and edit it or create script from it with variables. If you have access to ENM, you can export xml for cells configuration. Or use REST NBI to dump cells config in json format.

Thanks , But we still using OSS . IS there any way ? Please


In OSS it is CNA app, but it is pain. Easiest way to use commands file.

If possible can you share the command files pls

It is in the second message

Ok thanks a lot