2G Low paging success rate Huawei

Hi experts,

What should we check in order to improve the CS paging success rate for 2G?
Any features or parameters for RAN (Ericsson Core) that we should check ?
We suspect that the issue is due to congestion on GSM sites but what about other checks?

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check the paging utilization per LAC if it is high on one of the LAC plan to add a new LAC or rehoming some sites to the border LAC.

We checked, one LAC has discarded paging from the PCH queue. But this amounts to only percentage of the issue. The Paging SR from Core side is around 80-85% dropping to 75-80 during the BH. Do you know if there is any correlation to not replied Pagings with
the failure to decode the RACH?

Is this LAC has many boarder sites with other LAC ? if you yes check the parameter C1 (CELL_RESELECT) of the border cells and increase the value.
Also check if there is a high way between these two different lac which will cause to many location area update.

Thanks again.

For this LAC I will check. Any other suggestions on the low paging SR?

how we can calculate CS paging utilization ? what is the formula

formula to calculate the paging load: CCCH_PCH nb /(2.5*(9-2)36001000/235)
CCCH_PCH(GCCPGRQN) (nb)=Number of Paging Message (Paging Command) seen on the Abis interface (PCH usage).
3600= 60*60 for 1 hour
1000=Convert the unit from mile to second
235= 1 Frame = 235 ms
9= no combine blocks each 1 CCH channel (contain PCH and AGCH)= 9 Block
2=AGCH channel configured in the network
2.5=each 1 PCH blocked will send a msg 2.5 in Alcatel in other vendor may less or more.