2G Full Rate / Half Rate / AMR Half Rate

Hello I have a question
As you know
We have 9 to 10
Parameters related to FR HR

In this 6 parameters
Such as
Tch traffic busy thereshold
Tch traffic busy underlaid threshold
Tch traffic busy overlay threshold
AmR TCH/H Prior cell load threshold
Threshold for OL/UL load with AMR HR preffered


It is recommended AMR parameters less than
Others even by 1

As in hedex mentioned

But it doesn’t mentioned
The reason.

Would you please tell me the reason
Why we should set Amr Hr parameters less than
Other FR/HR parameters above

Hi Dear Experts.
In Ericsson I increase half rate usage to 100 by changing DTHMR to 100.
But still I have full rate traffic.
It seems there is other conflict parameter which can’t slow to use half rate.
Any suggestions on what is issue?

Please check HALFRATESUPP.
(HALFRATESUPP: indicates wheter support for HR channels is activated or not)


It is zero in our network.


There are 2 features which controls you HR Usage:

  • One for new connections - DHA
  • Another for ongoing connect - DYMA

There are multiple parameters with both load and quality based triggers.
You should check all of them.
Also there is Abis Triggered HR Allocation, this is part of DYMA.

But we don’t have DYMA active as we don’t have license in network.
With which command can I check DYMA is active or not?

As far as I remember it was RLDHP and RLDMP.
Better check the Elex (ex Alex) Ddocumentation.
It is very much detailed.

Thanks :pray:.