2G antennas recycling

Hello we are looking for 2G telecommunications operators antennas recycling. We have a large stock of 2G antenna to be recycled on 4 or 5G. technoosat@yahoo.fr

I want to ask you why you think you can recycle 2G antennas for 4G and 5G? I do not believe that this is true.

Hi…The directional pattern of this low down slightly large loop is similar to the small vertical loop, but being a tad larger does not have super sharp nulls, but it does have the oblong pattern similar to my on-ground logs and dogs.
Mounted perpendicularly to the house, that means the major oblong lobes are pointed into and out of the house. I thought this would be an issue. Amazingly I’m hearing BCB stations through the house coming from the other side with no problem.

pcb assembly x-ray inspection