2G-3G neighbour definition impact

Hi Experts,

What will be the impact on 3G network if we do not define 2G-3G neighbour?
Is there any major impact on network?

It depends on your NW strategie.
If HO from 2G to 3G is not allowed. Only UARFCN is needed to enable Reselection on idle mode from 2G to 3G.
If HO from to 3G is allowed, u have to define the relation pair as well.

Hi Would you tell me how to check HO is allowed or not (2G-3G) in E// Sysytem.

Depends the strategy that you have in the network.
And also depend if is CS or PS.
If you need to move user CS 2G > 3G you need to configure that relationship.

There can be impact on 3G network where there is 3G network having poor coverage and 2G network is overlapping and stronger than 3G. Because at all that area you can handover to 2G and no impact on 3G DCR. No relations between 3G-2G will also impact IRAT success rate.

If 2G to 3G HO is not allowed then there is no need to define neighbors. Only UARFCN defintion is required for reselection