2G/3G LAC re-planning audit to improve PSR

In network 2G/3G PSR is very bad for Huawei system. 2G=65% & 3G=75% per LAC.
I suspected its LAC planning issue, but i dont have any planning tool.
Please let me know how to do LAC planning based on mapinfo/any KPI counter calculation/geographical analysis to improve PSR.

2G Paging Success Rate =
((Number of First Paging Responses from A Interface (times) + Number of Repeated Paging Responses from A Interface (times))/Number of First Pagings to A Interface (times))*100

3G Paging Success Rate =
((Number of First Paging Responses from Iu Interface (times) + Number of Repeated Paging Responses from Iu Interface (times))/Number of First Pagings to Iu Interface (times))*100

Note:- above formula calculate only LAC level.

For LAC split , you need to plan how many LAC you can define based on Core if for example 5 LAC you are allow , you should get traffic , number of cells , number of TRXs and then try to split the network to 5 lac with same traffic , almost same number of cells and TRXs

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I hope that you have checked that KPIs that can impact PSR. Because, to work on the LAC would be the last option. Please check thoroughly cell by cell on those LACs if there are any congestion, interference or coverage issues present or not. How many cells are impacted. May be 2-3 cells are impacting the whole LAC.

Unfortunatly I have faced such a problem and there is no any discrepancies between LAC configuration!
I would be appreciated if you found the solution and share it.I also check share some significant information and you can check them.

Parameter and figure related to Paging Audit:

Core Network Parameter and Setting:
Paging Retry for CN: 2 times paging
Interval for Paging retry: Interval for retry: First paging duration is 7 seconds and
Second paging duration is 4 seconds.
Whole Network Paging Switches: OFF

RNC Parameter and Setting:
DRX cycle Coefficient: 6 (ADD UCNDOMAIN)
Paging Retry for RNC: MaccPageRepeatTimes =1 (SET UDPUCFGDATA)
PCH channel Power Offset: -20 (MOD USCCPCH)