2G 10 MHz cell vs 3G 5 MHz cell CS users

Hello Experts.

I know there are lots of limitations and considerations for this calculation.
But in general for the CS users: How many CS users can one 2G 10 MHz cell handle in comparison with one 3G 5 MHz cell?

Are you sure it is possible in 2G to have a cell with 10 MHz?

2G we have 12.5 MHz bandwidth.

I think it’s only paired 5 MHz spectrum.
For voice congested area, we need radio augmentation.
E.g. 5 MHz 900 band with 5MHz 1800 band.

We have a 12.5 MHz on 900 band.

In a single radio unit?

Yes, 62 channels, each 200 kHz.
We used to assign to BCCH channels from 1 to 22.
And the rest TCH channels.
62 times 0.2 → 12.4 MHz.

Yes that’s the standard.

Do we have a rough estimation on how many simultaneous CS users can one 3G cell handle?

I’m just curious how you manage frequency reuse in this case?
You will have a C/I of less than 5.

If you take the spreading factor limitation it will be max 128 ( because SF is 128 for voice) but it is less than this.
3G is DL capacity limited and uplink coverage limited.
So you need to take both into account.