256QAM DL samples low for B20 but good for B3

Hi Team,
We have been observing very less 256QAM DL samples in DT for L8(B20) whereas in same radio on Band 3 L1800 we have good 256QAM samples.

Any idea what could be the reason?

What are the kpis observed for both?

In KPis there’s 2.5% difference in overall usage.

No I mean radio conditions SINR, RSRQ?

For just 2.5% difference you should not be concerned.

In stats it’s not showing much of a difference.
But when we do Drive Test there are hardly any samples in L8.

Different handsets have been tried but results are still the same.

256 QAM is strictly depending on CQI reported by UE.

There are networks where 256QAM in DL is way over 40% in drivetest, for other networks is less than 10% 256QAM in drivetest. It depends on intersite distance and tilts.