2300Mhz Band Uplink Interference

Dear Experts,

Due to GPS Fail Alarm on Outdoor small cell-Airspan , Uplink interference is increased on NBR Samsung ENB Sites. Multiple ENB Sites got impacted due to this GPS Fail alarm.

Can someone elaborate why GPS Fail alarm (Clock Issue) will Create Interference on NBR ENB sites.

Govind Dahiya

Time synchronization failed, downlink slots of this enb will overlap with uplink slots of other enb, then uplink interference increase.

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Thanks I got it Now

U mentioned clock issue in your query , GPS fail alarm caused mismatch in clock synchronisation…resulting in overlapping of uplink slot of neighbour enbs connected to same AG1 CSS ring.

On some vendor there are setting for eNodeB automatically Locked after configured time (60s for example) if has an issue on GPS. If possible check on your vendor for this setting, it will be help full for maintaining your UL interference due GPS Issue

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@ridho_bustami this can be the issue as Both ENB & Small cell belongs to different vendors .and I will have to check whether Airspan Small cell is having Auto lock Feature enable or not.

Whenever There is GPS Fail Alarm on Airspan Small Cells it impacts NBR ENB which are of Different OEM. If any of the ENB Site is having GPS Fail alarm than NBR ENB/Small Cell Sites are not getting impacted. This clearly shows that Small cell is not getting auto locked when there is a GPS Fail Alarm as mentioned by Ridho… and Keeps on Radiating without Sync which causes High Interference on NBR ENB sites of Different OEM.

It will Impact NBR ENB even if they belongs to Different CSS/AG1 ring as All sites In NW Are in SYNC.