2 different mobiles downloading in same scenario but different Volume

Dear Gents

We did some drive test on some area with 2 different mobiles with the same scenario (Download 4G).

But observed some strange behavior regarding consumption of the data package.

  • One mobile consumes like normal maybe 5 or 10 GB.
  • Other mobile consumes 2 SIM cards like 30 or 40 GB

Does it have anything to do with mobile capability or what could be a logical explanation?

Which is the average throughput in the mobiles?

Basically, it is impossible for 2 mobile to have the same data consumption as they may experience different RF condition even through the same road as throughput is calculated based on APP throughput for data consumption but 10GB vs 40 GB seems too high.

Did you use the same file size?

If a bigger file used check if the download interrupted due to stalling or FTP / HTTP timeout on the download may be interrupted for one of the mobile.

Average is almost the same for both: 15 ~ 20 Mbps.

Yes regarding RF condition you’re basically right, as one mobile doesn’t support L800.

But what could this affect in regard to TP and data consumption?

It was FTP download also.

Better RF condition, better demodulation performance like higher MCS and SE so higher throughput.

But you mentioned that average throughput is same for both handset, so something is not right.

Please have a look if any device experienced FTP time out during the download as well.