2 carriers in network with same EARFCN but with different BW

Experts. I have one query.
Can we configure 2 carriers in network with same EARFCN but with different BW?
At a time one eNB will have only one carrier, and NBR eNB may have second carrier with same EARFCN but different BW. Will this configuration work?
If I configure UE with 2 different Object IDs to measure, having same EARFCN but different BW. Then how will be UE behavior? Will UE be able to measure correct carrier?

It’s intra Freq case UE always measure serving cell linked with meas id.

I want to know about Inter frequency case.
If UE is latched to 3rd carrier, then whether UE will be able to measure 2 inter frequency carries with same EARFCN but with different BW?

Same earfcn always intra Freq irrespective of BW. Please check…

There are 3 frequencies. A,B and C.
UE latch on frequency A.
Now if frequency B and C have same EARFCN but different BW, say 5M and 10M.
Then UE, which is currently on freq A, can it measure B and C?

Priority is same right?

It depends on threshold criteria getting satisfy irrespective of BW.
For idle mode, priority come in picture.

For measuring in connected mode no threshold required.
Only m-gap needed.
I just want to know whether UE can correctly measure such 2 EARFCNs?

Why threshold A3/A5 not required with meas gap?
If Freq different that too depends whether particular band combination required gap or not.

If the ERFCN is same, irrespective of BW it is one frequency which UE will measure.

Which one?
Is it random?
But we define 2 configure MO for UE, so why it will measure only one?

A3/A5 threshold require to trigger MR.
I am asking about only measuring part.

What you measure is ERFCN and this is how a layer is differentiated.

But in RRC reconfiguration UE is given with 2 different measurement object.
So UE should measure both?
If not able to measure both then what can be reason?

Is it not like that. In your measurement report you will see result for both earfcn in order of strongest.
If it come in UE meas window.

I think you didn’t get the question. :wink:

Let me explain again, i just want to know: is there any problem for UE in measuring 2 inter-frequency carriers, that are configured to UE and asked to measure?
(With same EARFCN and different BW)

In that case UE should be measuring both with different BWs. There is also one parameter allowedMeasuredBandwidth which we set per freq from everycell. If not able to measure both, it should be on UE

Yes. allowedMeasuredBandwidth is different for both carriers, but EARFCN are same.
So subsequent question is, how UE decide that on which EARFCN to measure what bandwidth? Because both EARFCNs are same right?

UE will get different system information measured neighbor based on allowed measured BW.

Same earfcn, diff bw, inter Freq.
Let me check.

UE already there on 3rd freq (A), so obviously it will be inter frequency (B and C) for UE.