150 GHz Antenna

Great news…

Amazing: antenna at 150 GHz with massive MIMO!

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NEC Develops 150 GHz Antenna-on-Chip Transmitter IC chip for Beyond 5G/6G Radio Equipment


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How much coverage on this frequency? :sweat_smile:

TA in CM :sweat_smile:

I guess not more than 100 meters…

But this is the first case of massive MIMO inside the UE.

Up to now massive MIMO was just in Downlink not in Uplink.

This have great potential for datacenter where you can replace the cable connectivity with THz communication.

Many Phd opportunities is coming in this domain.

What’s the application of massive mimo on UE side?

An improved Uplink link budget.

And better cell range.

UL beamforming will be possible.

Yet I am not sure what battery can handle massive MIMO in Uplink.

The UE would have to be 90% battery and 10% display, HW and SW.