100% RRC SR after giving dummy TAC

Hi Guys,
I have provided dummy tac to 1 LTE cell to restrict traffic in Jail. After setting the PS traffic on cell is zero now, but RRC SR is 100 %. I am confused why RRC SR is 100%, the dummy TAC provided is not defined in core. Vendor is NOKIA.
Can anyone elaborate?

You can decide if there is service or not based on the drive test.
You can check E-RAB SR%
it should be 0% then you can confirmed that there is no service

Yes, performed drive test & there is no traffic also e-rab SR went to 0. But some times there are e-rab attemps & they are successful too. Count is very low like 5 to 10.
I want to understand why is that, where are these attempts coming from if the TAC is not defined.
What i think is it may be handover traffic from other cells. Will check nbr attempts on monday.

Check the Nbr stats, There was some Nbrs which were involved in HO. Blacklisted them yesterday.
But still today there are some cells which i blacklisted yesterday making HO attempts. Checking them…

Not resolved, Blacklisted cells are still making attempts.
Anyone please suggest.

You can use this option . E/// parameter: primaryPlmnReserved=true under MO EUtranCellFDD/TDD. Only Call 15 Sims can latch to cell. Please check the equivalent parameter in Nokia.

Parameter description: Indicates if the primary PLMN ID in the cell is reserved for operator use. The primary PLMN ID is reserved if this attribute is set to true.

Disturbances: Changing this attribute can block traffic in the cell.

After you modified the dummy TAC i think you should modify the neighbour’s TAC to the dummy TAC.
So the HO preparation should be failed