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Suggestion to issue where one of the cell site CFSB calls are getting blocked when selected preferred mode is LTE


Hi… Any suggestion in one of the cell site Csfb calls are getting blocked when preferred mode selected as lte

Manual mode to GSM calls are getting through


Don’t lock the phone to LTE in TEMS


It’s in auto mode


On what stage is the call getting disconnected? .Also, on call location update needs to be done successfully by ue and mss over SGs intetface.

Are LTE and GSM nodes on different mss?


Same. When in LTE mode trying to do a circuit switch call… It should fall back to 2g network… But here Csfb getting blocked


What is the solution for pmrrcsecfailintegrity


Can u please share snap of events


Please check csfb Switches in site


Csfb switches are On…


Is MT working?


Yes, MT is working


Ok, please check manual voice call in dual network mode.

Is it working.?


Manual also not happening


Ok, please check csfb policies. You may also check blind handover switch.


Check the cell GSM or eNodeB
The message from block call … T3417 expiry