SINR Target in LTE


Dear Expert

How to Choose SINR Target for Planning for LTE. and How about RSRP target.


hi , i am not expert but here is an idea :sinr is related to quality of the channel and throughput ,so an easy way is to put a target of the quality for the users for example the 20% of the users are acceptable quality, 60% good 20% excellent ,( to make life easy just use the cqi number from 1 to 15 ) after that there is mapping between cqi and sinr based on the transmission mode as in the table in the below link :

so for example for the cell edge user when using tx mode 222 the sinr -7db would be acceptable
for rsrp i found this figue i am not sure about it ,but it seems good:

this link for reference :

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Thank you for Reply, can we take SINR >12 as a target for Planning, is it possible in real network. is yes than how ?

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dear please notice that i changed the figure ,you can see the table in the link its more accurate