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Free Tools Initiative Continued


@marco.almeida, I will share the steps and a short video tomorrow.

@Salem, I see your issue is with the mediation service. Please share the output from running bts logs bts-mediation


@Emmanuel :find attached.
bts_mediation_logs.rar (7.6 KB)


@Salem, let me review the logs and get back to you .


Hi @Emmanuel,
First I would like to thank you for the tool, It is a great job.
I would like to know if the next release is available, the one which includes ZTE and Nokia vendor ?


Hi Emmanuel,
Could you help me to fix 403 forbidden

989f90fc99d1 nginx:latest “nginx -g 'daemon of…” 18 minutes ago Up 18 minutes>80/tcp bts-web
2374782302d1 bodastage/bts-ce-api “/ dat…” 18 minutes ago Up 9 seconds>8181/tcp bts-api
e9378a60d5ab bodastage/bts-ce-mediation “/ webs…” 18 minutes ago Restarting (1) 38 seconds ago bts-mediation
035f149dd6b4 rabbitmq:3.7.4-management “docker-entrypoint.s…” 18 minutes ago Up 18 minutes>4369/tcp,>5671-5672/tcp,>15670/tcp,>15672/tcp, 15671/tcp,>15674/tcp,>61613/tcp, 25672/tcp bts-msgbroker
d8d92faae674 postgres:10.1 “docker-entrypoint.s…” 18 minutes ago Up 18 minutes>5432/tcp bts-database


I have setup files completely but when runing face below error:

403 Forbidden