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Free Tools Initiative Continued


Unfortunately nothing has changed for me. I completely removed previous installation of Docker and VirtualBox, removed all docker and virtual box folders, and did new installation with bts-setup, but I still get the same error for user airflow (bts-database log is attached).
During bts setup the only error I get is “Looks something went wrong in step ‘Looking for vboxmanager.exe’… Press any key to continue…” (screenshot attached), but the rest of the setup goes with no errors. (2.2 KB)


We are still completing tests before official release of the new version.

However, you should be able to install on linux by running: setup


@miranc, we are completing tests on the new release that should address a number of issues.

However, let’s get in touch with you on a private chat to see what’s affecting your installation as it may be affecting other users.


Useful tool(comes with docker toolbox) in Windows to check status of all the containers


We’re about to launch a new version (final beta release) today.

For now, only to telecomHall Experts. (they will receive the final link)

But it will be launched to everyone soon.

If you want to participate, you’re welcome.