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Does the reference signal in LTE have the same % of total power as PCPICH in UMTS?


Experts, good day

In UMTS PCPICH it has to be between 8% to 10% of total carrier power… but in LTE, Reference Signal has the same % of total carrier power?

Thanks in advance


Depends for 2T2R % is different and for 4T4R % is different


Do you have a table or info about it you could share? Please


There is relation between RS power and both carrier BW and total transmit power


For 4T4R this will be 12/84=14%


Perfect, I appreciate it.

For 4T4R shouldn’t be 16/84= 19% ???

You will have 4tx and 4 RE’s going for each one


For 4T4R only 12 REs occupied by RS


Great, thanks :+1:t3: