Will batch bandwidth change in cluster cause interference to others?

Hi Experts.

At present we have 2 carriers of L2300, 20 MHz and 10 MHz.
The EARFCN are 39300 and 39450.
We want refarming and make it to 15 + 15, new EarFCN will be 39325 and 39475.
We have 1000 sites.

So my question is: if we do this operation in batches, for e.g. in 1 batch say 250 sites, will it create interference with the existing sites?

Create a buffer after 100 sites and define both (new and old earfcn) for idle and connected mode mobility.

Try to complete ASAP, because it will definately create interference!

  1. It’s center freq change and affect nearby and far off site as well (eg. ducting).
  2. Do in one go preferably!
  3. Not sure of objective (many did 15+15, then reverted to 20+10 later. It’s just academic. traffic dist may seen few days not long).
  4. Many features are of 20 MHz spec based.

What is reason for interference? Can you explain please?

10+20 vs 15+15 frequency will overlap.

No in the same cluster or circle.

I don’t know if Ducting feature works 15+15.

Maybe you’re creating unnecessary speculation.

In my network we did in 7 days on 10k nodes 3 steps 2 years ago.
Now days all features working no issue.

It works.

Ducting feature is also applicable for 15 MHz.

m-MIMO also works now?

In Nokia RF module of mMIMO was not supporting at that time.

But after 2 month new SW release it starts supporting.

:+1:t2: Is it working across OEM today in your network?

Yes, it’s working fine.

Hi! Once it is TDD you must be aware of interference when frequency overlaps or time desynchronizes. I’ve faced interference coming from sites 40km away in open rural area.