Wi-Fi location

Ranging… leading to enhanced location and positioning.


The recently held WiFI knowledge summit wanted to cover some of the ranging related technologies coming to the market. We had 2 good presentations covering the Wi-Fi and UWB related enhancements… My view of the Wi-Fi based methods…

  • Wi-Fi is present in many indoor environments in the form of APs and can be used with minimal enhancements to support ranging and can lead to location with other information that can be fixed at an AP location. No separate waveforms are needed or any new hardware is required… Vijayalakshmi Chetlapalli shared some experimental results with commercial hardware

The potential for improved ranging performance with higher bandwidth, calibration issues in devices were discussed with real-life data. The upcoming 80211az enhancements should enable better ranging in various aspects. The 6 GHz AFC requirements can drive some of the adoptions. There are also interesting P2P applications in locks and such systems…

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