Why UL capabilities are limited on TDD?

Hi Experts.

Can someone explain why UL capabilities are limited on TDD?
Is it only because UL CA is limited or any other reasons?

In TDD, the transmission is divided into time domain.
Means at one moment of time either downlink subframe is transmitted or uplink.
Mostly is is DL centric.
Compared to FDD we have less opportunities ACK/NACK & CQI/SR feedbacks etc.
This makes it UL limited.

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Isn’t the slot configuration configurable?

In addition to lower amount of UL slots, limited UE power (small battery in UE) also plays a role.
For example, all PRBs cannot be scheduled on cell edge due to power exhausts.
Also, UL is not fully controllable/synchronized, interference is more crucial.
However, same is managed to many extend through power control mechanis.

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