Why pmEndcRelUeAbnormalMenb started to fetch?

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Do you know by which reason the below counter in Ericsson 5G NR starting to fetch? pmEndcRelUeAbnormalMenb

If it is because of eNodeB Leg, how can we recognoze which eNodeB causing it?

You can check for the MO RBS_GUtranCellRelation and you could know which enodeB is causing through the pmendcsetupueatt/succ, if there is not high number fails then is not due to enodeB leg and you’ll need to keep searching for root cause

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The pmEndcRelUeAbnormalMenb counter in Ericsson’s 5G NR system is used to measure the number of abnormal user equipment (UE) releases initiated by the Mobility Management Entity (MME) due to an error or failure at the eNodeB. This counter is typically incremented when the MME receives a release request from the eNodeB and determines that it was caused by an abnormal event or condition.

There can be several reasons why the pmEndcRelUeAbnormalMenb counter may start to increase. Some common causes include:

  1. Hardware or software failures at the eNodeB: If the eNodeB experiences a hardware or software failure, it may be unable to maintain the connection with the UE and may initiate a release request.
  2. Radio interference or coverage issues: If the UE is experiencing poor radio coverage or interference from other sources, it may be unable to maintain a stable connection with the eNodeB and may be released.
  3. Network congestion: If the network is congested, the eNodeB may initiate a release request in order to free up resources for other UEs.

To identify which eNodeB is causing the pmEndcRelUeAbnormalMenb counter to increase, you can use tools such as the Ericsson Network Manager (ENM) to monitor the performance and status of the eNodeBs in your network. You can also use tools such as Ericsson’s Radio Network Debugger (RND) to troubleshoot issues at the eNodeB level and identify the root cause of any problems.

It is also important to note that the pmEndcRelUeAbnormalMenb counter may be incremented for other reasons, such as UE-initiated releases or releases due to mobility management events. In order to fully understand the cause of the counter increase, it is recommended to analyze the network logs and performance data for the relevant eNodeB and UE


thank you dear Mohammad for the kind feedback , i fetched these counter pmendcsetupueatt/succ but there is no abnormality found under these two counter .
Failure is too much and affected whole network .
Still searching . Thanks a lot

Thank you so much for the insight , actually i explore your solution , there is no interference / SW or HW issue . So I’m trying to find which enodeB is causing this degrdation . It is suspected one enodeB that already serving as anchor causing this affection but i can not find any counter in 5G Ericsson to guide me which anchor can be a reason .
Apprecaited to guide .

@alireza_moradi do u observe any correlation with either pmendcsetupfailnrra or pmendcsetupfailuecap

Hi there,
Did you find the root cause ?