Why is the uplink CE usage double the DL CE usage?

Why is the uplink CE usage double the DL CE usage?

One Ul user of 2ms TTI takes 48 CE’s.Thats why

There is no other issues like Hardware releted? That makes ULCE usage double than DLCE

Now a days huawei using 512 CE’s board for both uplink and downlink.i think so D4 board or F6 Board.i am not sure about board.

WBBPf4 has 512 UL and 712 DL

I think it’s because of the modulation of the uplink and so the vendors make the CE Boards with the largest number of cEs in the uplink

One UL CE needs to be consumed by a UL 12.2 kbit/s voice service (SF = 64) plus 3.4 kbit/s signaling.

One DL CE needs to be consumed by a DL 12.2 kbit/s voice service (SF = 128) plus 3.4 kbit/s signaling.

The RNC determines the number of CEs required for a service based on the SF that matches the service rate!!!

because for huawei the hsdpa processing will not consume from your wbbp or ubbp board on dl. but for ul still hsupa consuming ce

Yes…for HSDPA is reserved…

If the signaling process is the reason for its double usage, what about the relation with BBU specification. I read also BBU also have an impact on its high utlization

In case priority based reselection is not activited, such setting of fddqmin will cause storm of ping pong

Fddqmin should be always higher than ssearchrat by at least 3 db