Why DL RTT is bigger than UL RTT?

Hello Experts,
Does anyone here knows why DL RTT is bigger than UL RTT?

RTT means round trip time.
It is both UL and DL.

I know it, sorry:

I meant:

I think it depends on many things like FDD or TDD, busy hour or not, load of the cell, RF conditions, Scheduling request settings in uplink etc.
First you need to clarify those answers.
RTT is done at application layer ( E2E) while ping is done at elements layer.
How is ping status when compared to RTT?

DL RTT 340 and UL RTT 80 ms.

I suggest you do a ping from UE to the SGW and values will be much lower than those RTT values. Those RTT values are high and radio interface may have little contribution to it.

Ok. So it depends on response from server, right?
Application server.

Right, it depends on application you try the RTT.
If you ping specific network elements (like enodeB, SGW, PGW, etc) you will see the real values inside the network not counting the internet delays that application counts.