Why codebookconfig changes from four-one to two-two?

Hi all, I have a 5G log, static, where during a nperf test of 5G, NR is added and removed 3 times.
Why it is happening this?
Vendor is Huawei.
During this log I noticed that codebookconfig is changed from four-one to two-two.
Why is this happening?

What tool do you use to open logs?

You need qxdm or actix.
I use airscreen as log was taken with nsguru and later exported in dlf format for actix or qxdm.

In this log only one PCI on air and only one beam.
Why NR is removed 3 times?
RSRP is good.
This is even more weird if I will explain this: log is taken in one room.
If I take another log with NSGURU in another room (same PCI for both LTE and NR) then this removal of NR 3 times it does not happen anymore.
Really weird…

Is Huawei using switching between MIMO?
I mean codebook change, why there?

Don’t know, but only one beam was detected by UE so no beam change.