Why Carrierbandwidth IE needs to be signalled to the UE in NR?

Hi All,
I was thinking why Carrierbandwidth IE needs to be signalled to the UE in NR?
I mean the UE is anyway going to operate in BWP part, so why does it need to know about carrier bandwidth?

Maybe to know csi-Rs trs and srs how long it will be spread in PRBs.

Base on this value UE gets to know maximum locationand Bandwidth IE value.
So if you configure BWP out of this value range UE will throw rrc reconfiguration failure issue (which I have seen in lab testing).
carrierbandwidth help UE to calculate absoluteFrequecyPointA value (If network didn’t configure it), which helps UE to configure carrier center frequency.

From SA perspective, Carrier bandwidth really doesn’t help to know PointA location.
As it is dependent on SSB+offettoPointA+Kssb value.
Also, if locationand Bandwidth IE is set incorrectly, I would count it as human error.
Somebody can even set carrier bandwidth wrong.
So I doubt these reasons, but thnaks for sharing your thought.

Okay, but how does it help the Ue DAN since it would not operate outside the BWP BW, hence won’t read those CSIs.

I discussed it with some people outside and they think it might have to do with RF optimization but I don’t know much about it so didn’t fully understand how.
If any RF guys here have any comments, please do share.