Why are some Operators developing their own 5G technology?

Some operators are developing their own 5G technology: First Rakuten, Jio and recently Airtel.
As their notes, they are trying to build their own 5G technology in order to gain faster speed and reduce costs.
Is this a trend or doesn’t make sense?
Are Open RAN and also the Geopolitical scenario motivation/triggers, or are they just trying to stay ahead, for example with own R&D to have their own intellectual property in future?
Doesn’t it seems they’re changing their core business (provide mobile services)?


Yes you are right…In India, TSDSI- Telecom standards development society, India is formed.
This will be useful or not that time will say but for sure each country is trying for their own IPR (Intellectual property rights) against 3GPP. That will create difficulty for vendors such as Nokia & Ericsson…
Also TSDSI has acknowledged that its 5G specifications aren’t interoperable with globally defined 3GPP standards.