Which softwares are used for configuration and integration in Ericson

Which softwares are used for configuration and integration in Ericson?

I assume you mean local works. It depends on what you are comissioning.

For 2G you have OMT local or remote (both work locally too)
For 3G you have Emas or Moshell
For 4G/5G you can do it vía web or Moshell

2G integration is using the built-in option to create the IDB.
3G can use scripts for integration, vía Emas usually.
4G/5G can use scripts or autointegration, where you give the serial number of the HW to the remote operator and he configures the servers to autoupload and restore the config to the HW.

In the transport part you have different stuff.
The most common is Minilink stuff:
MSM (Minilink Service Manager) for old Minilink-E, C, HCC and others.
Craft Terminal for newer TN stuff, and 6000 MW stuff

TCU is configured vía eth, uploading vía sftp it’s config.
Router 6672 and similar are configured via eth or using the classic blue cisco cable on their serial port. They are able to load the config vía the built-in usb port and a pendrive.

I’m pretty sure I’m forgetting things here, but your question was quite open.

Good luck!

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