Which CA is better & preferred in LTE? 1CC, 2CC or 3CC?

Dear Experts.
Which CA is better & preferred in LTE? 1CC, 2CC or 3CC?

All. Why you want to give any preference?
Depends on UE requirement and radio condition.
Let UE enjoy the benefits.

Yes agreed. I am asking network point of view, if 3CC CA is higher than 2CC /1CC than it’s good for network or there can be an issue?

No issues.
We kept all CC open till 4CC.
Let UE enjoy if it is capable.
We have 5 Bands for some market but 5CC Indian band specific not mentioned in 3GPP yet.
So enjoying UE till 4CC.
All DL in UL only 2CC available as of now.

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Sometimes, maybe 3CC throughput is not higher than 2CC.
Such as in case 3rd CC quality is poor but still activated, the retransmission data in this CC is high, RLC layer has to wait for MAC layer of this CC to finish data transmission and transmit next RLC PDU data.
So, it is not good as if just 2 CC with good quality, retransmission rate is low.

Yes, but there might be few cases where throughput will be low in case of 3CC otherwise it will always be better than 1CC/2CC.