What reselection parameters can prioritize one UMTS layer over others?

Hi experts any reselection parameters to prioritize one umts layer? Vendor is ZTE.

Qoffset2SN is used for layers priority

I want to prioritize 850 layer to may i should increase or decrease

  • value increases the priority while negative decreases

You can also use qoffset1sn and individualoffset

That will be on relation level some other parameter in general for priority reselection on specific layer

Is there any other parameter to prioritize 850 layer in an area.not on single site or cell level ?

  1. reduce qrxlevmin and qqualmin in the other layer, but beware of the drops

  2. a well defined core and border strategy

Then, What is the other layer, 1900?

The other layer is 2100

850 will have better propagation, penetration and more traffic, but if you need to prioritize more 850 you can also try adjusting the sIntraSearch and sInterSearch

Ok thanks :+1::+1:

Why u want to prioritize , based on this other paras could help better? like SPriority

In which tab??

Sorry this is huawri name . But same functionality do exist in zte . Search for parameters related to “priority-based cell reselection”

Uh…Ok thanks

The MO in ZTE is prisel and the parameter name is servcelpriority

Ok. Thanks again.

By the time 2G 900mhz is handing over to 3G 2100mhz due to coverage, not call can even be sustained. You should not handover from 2G 900 to 3G 2100