What is the recommended setting for SSB in NSA MB?

Hi Experts.
What is the recommended setting for SSB in NSA MB?
On the edge (start or end) or in the middle?

Usually at start.

But Huawei set it in middle I think.

Whats is the reason for having it at start?

It should be at low-end or high-end, not middle of frequency band.

If in middle, some RB in slots with SSB, just several symbols, some UE may not able to decode these RB.

My view: we should keep at middle especially in high BW case.
So, radio condition measured over SS is closed to average.
For lower BW, it doesn’t matter much.

For most configurations, 4G and 5G SFN are time synchronised and the SS/PBCH
appear at the start of the 5G radio frames .

So UE searches for the SS/PBCH at the correct time.

To avoid future retune when converting to SA, make sure it is not in the extreme edges

In time domain it is recommended to have SSB in either first or second 5ms of radio frame. The information can be obtained from MIB IE halfFrameIndicator. All SSB must be sent in 5ms time. In Freq domain there is flexible configuration of SSB.

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