What is the recommended MTU size in eNB?

Hi Experts,
Can anyone tell what’s the recommended MTU size in eNB?

It is 1500.

What’s the MTU size set on eNB for Samsung and Nokia?

It depends on transmission link, normally 1500 or 1600.

What will be the impact if keep longer MTU size?
On latency?

If transmission link do not support 1500 bytes, and you set to 1500, logic link will fail.

I am talking about eNB side MTU size.
Is there any good document or calculation on required MTU size vs different VoLTE codec?

MTU at eNB side must match with MTU supported by transmission link.

Setting Large MTU size at higher layers will be useless, unless you change MTU size at lower layer (Link Layer).

I thought L2 should have done segmentation, no?
If we keep long big frames latency may affect.
Rather than keeping long frames it should be fragmented from L2 or upward.