What is the possible for low Payload and high DL PRB utilization?

What is the possible for low Payload and high DL PRB utilization?

What will impact ?

Any features or algorithms avoiding granting all Prbs because of interference or coordination with neighbouring sites

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How come LTE site have high PRB utilization rate with low traffic?

Maximum hourly total traffic is 5GB.

But the PRB utilization is 99% Bandwidth 20MHz 1ccc rrc user lic 300.

Check TA.

Maybe far UEs with weak radio conditions consume lots of PRB.

You must have traffic suppression or the TX capacity is low.

What do you mean by the TX capacity is low?

You can configue the transmission capacity with several values, for example 100M or 1GB, check that configuration.

TA is normal.

I get you, but can it impact PRB utilization?

How many RRC connected user during BH?

And it’s in wich way (UL/DL)?

What about MCS?

It’s less than 100.

I have tested the throughput and I got UL throughput is greater thad DL.

DL LTE Throughput around 20 Mbps.

UL LTE Throughput around 60 Mbps.

Check the number of active users.

The same happened with me as well.The traffic was low but PRB utilisation was max but the number of active users were very high causing high utilization.

What should I do if the number of active users are high, causing low Dl Throughput?

Restrict the footprint of this cell if it’s overshooting.

Lower power, downtilts, deboost etc.

TA is normal and not overshooting.

Still you may need to try to shift users to NBR cells by applying some offsets and shrinking its coverage.

In case you have traffic suppression, yes!

May be CQI is not good in that cell and bler.

I think 100 user is not really high for 300 lic and 20 MHz.

Apparently you should check radio condition.