What is the meaning of "% of time on LTE" KPI?

Hi Experts.
What is the meaning of “% of time on LTE” KPI?
What is that mean If it’s degraded?
Degraded users will redirect to WRAN?

Yes WRAN or GSM.

And what is the explanation for the KPI?

We generally calculate call completion rate in LTE which will give similar implications.
Formula is:

Outgoing Irat HO succ / LTE call attempt

I am not sure how time is calculated here.

It’s rate.

For example a case like this:

Yes, it is rate, but how the time dimensions they calculate I am not sure.
It is time by time or like I said.

I want to know is it rate per session or user?

Calculate the KPI I mentioned. That also should be degraded.
Your iRAT out going should increase.

Ok, so if degraded the cell has issue and users are not stating that much on LTE and redirect to WRAN.

I believe it is in dedicated mode so it should be per session.
Please check if your out going iRAT HO SUCC has increased, then may be you can draw a conclusion.

Ok, Thanks and appreciated. All clear now. :wink: