What is the maximum number of LTE NBR which can be connected via X2 interface for HO?

Hi Experts.

In LTE, what is the maximum number of NBR which can be connected via X2 interface for HO?

And once X2 limit is crossed then HO will through S1 interface?

It depends on vendor but I think it is 256 or 384.

Anyway over 256 for all vendors.

It is impossible to have overshooters like this that need so many neighbors.

I think 256 is limit.


In one of the ENB site high number of S1 HO with NBR is there and this NBR enb is not there in X2 list.

X2 NBR list is full with almost 230 small cells. But these small cells are having very few HO attempts.
How can we add this High NBR ranking enb site in X2 list.

One solution I thought of deleting and recreating NBR list.

Any other solution?

But 230 is not a limit. You have not reached 256.
So don’t delete anything.

Wait to get MR for this eNB and then ANR will add it.
Make sure ANR is open.

But we tried this thing on few cells and we got improvement: deleting and then adding it again.

X2 ratio increased.

You can also do this, indeed, delete everything.
But is a bit of work.

Yes, but also how to improve that X2 HO ratio. :wink:

It has reached 256 limit as few other eNB’s got added in X2 list.

ANR is open but this eNB with Higher HO is not getting added in X2 list so HO are going through S1.