What is the best option to deploy 5G NR: NSA or SA?

Hello dears,
What is the best option to deploy 5G: NSA or SA?

If your core is ready for SA then better to go for it rather than NSA. Currently only NSA is available. Core the important for deploying 5G


Hi, Carlos. It depends on several aspects mainly focused on the operator`s strategy.

NSA was seen as an easy upgrade from LTE towards 5G (as mentioned, no 5G Core is required), which will already leverage the 5G Air Interface capabilities, while 5G is fully deployed. By deployed, it means, Core, all the 3GPP specs were finished, and other technical upgrades, specifically related to transport to provide URLLC are done.

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Depends on what you want.

If you want 5G coverage at limited places only then we can use SA or if you want to have wider 5g availability you can use NSA and utilize your existing 4G network too.

Plus with NSA you can use split bearer and hence inc throughout.

Currently in US ATT is deploying NSA.

For SA you will have to setup 5G core and in NSA you can use your LTE core too!

Hi Marcengo;
Opions 4 &7 are NSA and they used Core 5G.

Agreed! Options 4 and 7 are seen, in my opinion, just as “migration path” from NSA Option 3 to SA Option 2.

All initial deployments were made on Option 3, none on Options 4 and 7. Even the vendors didn’t support 4&7 initially, and sometimes, even SA came before 4 and/or 7 on the roadmaps.