What is difference from Core/Access Network point of view between Data Card and Smartphone?

Hello Experts,
I have one query from LTE.
We have data card and smartphone in LTE.
Please tell what is difference from Core/Access network point of view between Data Card and Smartphone.

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Tracking area code is different if you have particular carrier to support only non gbr service.
I think in core some definition will be done so that gbr services are barred for that carrier.
At enode b end at cell level all csfb and volte switches are off.

In such areas interfreq are not defined of other tracking area code or else drops will be more.
If that carrier is for non gbr service.

Both are considered as per their priority and ue capability. Data card with PS only attach and Phone with combined.
In some cases even different frequencies are assigned on basis of attach type.

Thanks @parkarnadeem86 and @RMatolia.
During LTE launch operator use to do separate testing for Data Card and Smartphone.
Any idea what changes in Core network there?

Regarding CORE no idea.

From my understanding, the above 2 points:

  1. EPS only vs Combined Attach
  2. Different priority, in case required

Ideally this could be done with UE, in case you have control over it.

Major difference would be configuration of default bearer.
Volte supported smartphone will hve ngbr bearer (typically QCI8/9) plus IMS bearer(QCI5) as default bearer.
While data card may have ngbr bearer only as default bearer

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Ok in that case HLR subscription need to differentiate.
Any changes from PGW, PCRF other CORE nodes?

No major change.
Only thing would be IMS authentication, and subscription will not happen for data card.
CORE guys can explain this well.