What is blind and measurement based ENDC?

Hi Experts,
What is blind and measurement based ENDC?

Does it mean blind will choose only self 5G? Blindly?
So does interratb1 play a role or not?

ENDC is triggered blindly immediately after Initial Context Setup without measurement, the
target of the SgNB must be defined ,Blind is preferred when coverage 4G & 5G is same like indoor site or same antenna.

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Should ENDC mode be blind based or with inter rat b1 threshold?
Which is best and why?

Hi Experts.

Few queries…

  1. For LTE to 2G/3G redirection it’s seen blind only i.e. once RSRP degrade below set threshold then UE send MR A2 and redirect to lower RAT without measuring Target RAT.

2 Now for 5G to 4G redirection is it blind or measurement based where UE measure Target RAT of LTE then only redirected by sending B1 event i.e. if Target RAT is better then set threshold. Similar for 4G to 5G.

So need to check does blind redirection supported or not here?

Blind redirection is supported.


And for LTE do we have measurement based redirection or not?