What is a good value of HO interruption time in LTE for intrafreq HO?

Hi Experts.

What is a good value of HO interruption time in LTE for intrafreq HO?

And to what message on target ENB is it measured (from HO command in Source ENB)?

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< 100ms.

Start and end both should be source eNB I think.
From HO command till UE context release.

Between UE idle till RRC connection reconfiguration complete to target eNB.

UE idle mean when UE detaches itself from source eNB.

Do you mean over UU interface or over X2 interface?

New c-rnti will be given to UE in RRC connection reconfiguration with target physical cell ID.

Value to be less then 20 ms.

I mean total HO interruption time for X2 handover.
From where to where, which event to which event?

Generally we have auto script in NEMO tool to calculate from handover command to handover complete.


Do you have some reference for 20 ms value?

I believe it’s implementation specific and we can configure different index value for T304 as encircled in the image.

T304 is timer for intra LTE HO. It’s value only controlled handover drop.

Isn’t this timer also for Handover interruption?

It’s for handover execution phase.

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I am sorry… not getting it. :frowning:
Can you please elaborate it?

Questionswas to know the time for HO interruption.
If T304 is something else then how your will come to know ho interruption time?

B/w rrc connection reconfiguration (mobility on) to UE context release.
This is considered as Handover Execution time.
However the actual call interruption time is from RRC reconfiguration (mobility) to RRC reconfiguration complete msg.

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