What does unhappy HSUPA user mean?

I have a question about Huawei 3G: What does unhappy HSUPA user mean?
The word unhappy is too generic.
Does it mean that PHR=0?
Or that user would need to send more data than it is scheduled?

Remind me of old days happy bit concept :grinning:.

This is a specific Huawei 3G question. :slight_smile:
I understand what happy bit means in HSUPA.

I got no answer so I will consider that even for Huawei it is the same with general happy bit explanation: “The happy bit is a single bit that indicates whether the UE is happy with its current Serving Grant. The happy bit is reported on the E-DPCCH and therefore is sent each time the UE transmits a data block on the E-DCH. The definition of happy, for a UE on an HSUPA call is whether it can empty its buffers within the Happy Bit Delay Condition period using the Serving Grant. If the UE cannot empty its buffers within that time and the transmit power can be increased, then it considers itself unhappy”